Wharf T&T launches rebranding campaign

Wharf T&T limited has announced a name change to WTT HK limited (滙港電訊有限公司) with immediate effect, and has adopted the motto 'Winning together'. The name change also comes with a new company logo.

The moves comes after WTT was acquired by private equity investors in November 2016, and had to fulfill legal requirements to update its name and identity. The management saw this as a window to refine the company’s brand voice, so that staff, customers and partners can have a solid platform to engage and interact with the company’s positioning and ambitions for the future.

"2017 marks an inspiring year for WTT. With a refreshed brand identity, we are evolving into a new era of success and innovation," said Vincent Ma, CEO of WTT. "The rebranding campaign is more than just a change of logo -- it gives us a platform to speak what we aspire to be in a single voice."

Developed by MerchantCantos after competitive pitch to develop brand strategy and brand visual identity, the new tagline, 'Winning together' (互建 互贏), was designed to echo the new name, and serves as an evolution from the former "Strictly business" corporate strategy. Ma said, "It perfectly articulates our ambition to create true values for our customers' businesses. Winning together with all our customers and stakeholders is what we are ultimately entrusted to deliver."

WTT HK focuses on enterprise ICT products and services, and boasts partnership with 55,000 enterprises in Hong Kong and covers 90% of business customers with its ultra-high speed broadband network.

There will be a series of rebranding events, including a TVC launching this week and print advertisements to follow after.

Both feature Hong Kong high jump athlete and record holder, Cecilia Yeung Man-wai, who serves as the 2017 Brand Ambassador for WTT. The adverts will be publicised on outdoor TVs, major mobile news apps, online platforms and social media portals.

"Under the new brandname and identity, we look forward to delivering our brand promise to our customers and partners for the many years to come," Ma concluded.