WFA opens its first Asia office

The World Federation of Advertisers (WFA) has opened its first office in Asia.

WFA's director of communications, Will Gilroy, will relocate to Singapore from Brussels to give the organisation its first permanent presence in the region.

With the opening of an Asian office, WFA hopes to work more closely with its national advertiser associations in APAC.

The move comes years after launching the organisation's activity in the region. WFA first held meetings of APAC national advertiser associations in 2004. It has since held events such as Asian Media & Marketing Network, Global Marketer Week and Global Advertising Summit in the region.

Gilroy has been with the WFA for more than 10 years, handling both public affairs and communications.He has played a key role in developing self-regulatory responses to challenges set by the World Health Organisation around food marketing as well as launching the EU Pledge scheme to limit advertising to children following pressure from European regulators.

Before WFA, Gilroy worked as a TV and press journalist in France, Spain and UK.

Stephan Loerke, managing director of the World Federation of Advertisers said: "As our first permanent member of staff to be based in Asia, we're confident he will prove a great asset to both existing and prospective members by helping to demonstrate the value that global brands."