WeQ INFLUENCERS partners with TikTok to run advertising campaigns for brands

WeQ INFLUENCERS, the social marketing agency under the umbrella of global mobile advertising firm WeQ, has inked a partnership with the short-form mobile videos app TikTok. It will provide brands and app developers with exclusive access to native advertising campaigns, including TikTok influencers on the platform.

It is compulsory for agencies to establish official partnerships with TikTok in order to run promotional campaigns, otherwise the creator might risk losing the account. While brand and app developers can only run influencer marketing campaigns on TikTok through WeQ INFLUENCERS or other official partners.

“TikTok is fast becoming one of the most important social platforms for Gen Z and Millennials. It was a natural fit to partner with TikTok for more exclusive access to video ads inventory and influencers across its growing platform to create premium branded campaigns for our global clients,” said Elena Kutsopal, managing director of WeQ INFLUENCERS.

Originally launched as, TikTok quickly gained traction among young audiences for its music-related content, as well as a wide variety of content ranging from user-generated content to content developed by artists and creators, also known as TikTokers.

The app enables influencers to reach a vast and engaged audience, while providing an outlet for brands to invest in highly converting and engaging advertising opportunities.

TikTok video ads can direct users to a website, an app page or promote a hashtag challenge. Marketers are leveraging influencers on the platform to promote their games, including pre-launch, promotion, game launch and post-launch promotions.

“It’s the easiest and the most performing format to engage new users and track results. Advertisers would only need to run 2-3 video ads of 8-10 seconds each, add tracking links and set their goal – we would then help to optimise and scale the results to achieve the set goals,” Kutsopal said.

At the moment, the agency has branding and performance clients on TikTok for which it runs CPM, CPC and CPI campaigns using the native in-feed video ads.

“We have already developed and run a number of global CPM and CPC campaigns on TikTok for leading brands and gaming companies in Tier 1 markets,” said Olga Wese, managing director of WeQ INFLUENCERS.

“In the gaming industry, competition is increasing since more advertisers started leveraging TikTok’s engaged audience to drive users to their apps. Vertical video, native integration, and tracking solutions are all available on the platform and we have experience in successfully scaling TikTok campaigns. We’re seeing that users are converting on our campaigns, as there is a relevant audience.”

Wese added that working with AppsFlyer and Adjust as attribution partners also enables them to easily track and optimise on purchase, instal and even in-app depositors levels.

Since launching earlier this year, WeQ INFLUENCERS has delivered influencer campaigns on social platforms, including TikTok, Instagram and YouTube, for brands as well as entertainment and gaming companies. The company has also heavily invested in tracking, attribution and KPI-driven results to offer high-impact results for brands.

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