Wellcome's 70th birthday celebrates our love for TV stars

Wellcome is putting a new spin on its onscreen couple Bowie Wu and Helena Law.

To celebrate its 70th anniversary, the supermarket will launch a TV commercial spotlighting a total of 10 local stars to resonate to local audiences.

Developed by creative partner Grey Hong Kong, the 30 seconds spot is about how an anniversary surprise unfolds with the help of a raft of local actors, including Chi Kwong Chiang, Cheung Ching Mak, Fred Cheng and Siu Bo, acting as front line staff. They're on a mission to help Wu, stars as Hong Gor, to take his lifelong partner Law, acts as Wai Je, by surprise at their 70th anniversary of acquaintanceship.

Then of course the mission encounters hiccups. This is when the rest of the stars including Mandy Wong, Jinny Ng, Joe Junior and So Yan Chi join the scene to help overcome the hurdles.

In Hong Kong, arguably there're only two major local supermarkets - Wellcome and ParknShop - and they are often located near each other.

Above all basic offerings like convenience, price and product range, emotional bonding is key to make consumers to choose to shop at the red one instead of the blue (ParknShop), as Wellcome sales and marketing director Julie Chiu told Marketing.

“We believe that everyone has their own story at Wellcome," said Chiu, who added pushing forward local TV stars is the best way to form emotional bonds with audiences.

"In this brand new TVC, we continue to adopt a light-hearted approach by twisting a supermarket TVC into a movie-style advertising to delight our customers. We progress ourselves with time and this reflects on our choice of the most sought-after TV celebrities in this campaign."

Its branding initiative launched last year, where Wu and Law made their first debut in Wellcome's TV advertising, fetched about 96% liking and 98% awareness on Wellcome's advertising tracking research during the campaign period, and received "all positive comments", according to Chiu.

In the coming months, the 70th platinum anniversary campaign will extend to some of its 280 stores in town.

Keith Ho, chief creative officer and managing director of Grey, added: "By creating a story around Helena and Bowie preparing for their anniversary, we dramatise how Wellcome is always ready to understand people's needs and to lend a helping hand.”

The new TV Commercial will be broadcasted through different channels including TV, MTR, TVB.com, Qian Xuan mobile apps and social networking websites including Youtube and Wellcome Facebook. The full version of the TV commercial will be broadcasted tonight on TVB Jade and TVB HD Jade.

Agency: Grey Group Hong Kong
Campaign title: Wellcome 70th Anniversary
Managing partner: Desmond Chan
Managing partner/Chief Creative Officer: Keith Ho
Client service: Katherine Wong (business director), Kervin Cheng (account director), Amos Chan (account executive)
Creative: Almon Lam (group creative director), Henry Yim (associate creative director), Chris Yung (head of art)
TV producer: John Lo
Production house: Moviola - David Tsui (director)
Media agency: UM