Well Link Life Insurance brings the feels with first corporate brand marketing campaign

Well Link Life Insurance has officially launched its first corporate brand marketing campaign, ‘Link to the World for Freedom of Wealth’.

The Hong Kong campaign will include the integration of TVCs, programme sponsorships, bus ads, MTR ads at major high traffic stations, and social media posts online.

Rather than take a standard “doom and gloom” approach of insurance ads that exploit fears of impending unfortunate and unforeseen events, Well Link Life’s campaign is going for heartwarming. Positioning the brand as a positive force for brighter futures, it’s aimed at being appealing to a wide age range and will heavily focus on the themes of family and inter-generational connections.



The centrepiece to this is the TVC which first aired last night on local broadcaster TVB Jade and tells the story of a father and son running a family-owned fishery business. After years of working with his dad, the son tells his father his plans to aggressively expand the business but says that their current financial situation will make it impossible. And so (you guessed it) the father gives his son the Well Link Life insurance policies to make it happen.

Is it hokey? Oh most definitely. The ad is a total mush fest of sepia tones, soft music, and hand-holding. But it’s the kind of narrative example that people will relate to and illustrates how Well Link Life’s various financial planning services can apply to the real-life stories of potential customers.

We'll admit the bridge imagery is a little much (Get it? It's symbolic of the insurance taking you where you want to go and a bridge across generations! Get it?) - but for a first outing, it’s a solid effort. It plays on your feels and it'll make you want to give your dad a call.