Weibo takes down its Instagram-like app for logo copyright issues


Chinese social media platform Weibo has taken down its lifestyle and fashion social networking app, Luzhou (commonly translated to Oasis) shortly after launch as netizens called out its logo for being "nearly identical" to one designed by a South Korean studio named fnt. According to multiple media reports such as Reuters and The Star, the studio has since received an email and an apology from Weibo.

The issue was first highlighted by a micro-blogger, who found Luzhou's logo strikingly similar to that of Ulju Mountain Film Festival, designed by fnt in 2015. Weibo reportedly apologised publicly on its platform to the designer and "friends who care" for the company, stating that it has since initiated an "internal inspection" of its design process. It added that the company has also contacted the designer to "solve the copyright issue” and will relaunch the app "soon".

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Weibo launched Oasis few days ago aiming to allow consumers to share photographs and videos, as well as expand their social circles by connecting with individuals with similar interests.

The new app positions itself as a place that allows “consumers to escape from the complexities of society and regain their enthusiasm for life”. Consumers can also gain access to a range of topics such as food, shopping, celebrities and pets. According to the app store description, Oasis also seeks to position itself as a utopia where consumers are able to share about their life without judgements.