Wego targets a broader audience with new campaign

Travel search site Wego has developed the company’s first television and online video campaign.The campaign was initially launched in Indonesia and is now expected to be extended to its other core markets.

The campaign consists of a series of ads that are set to run across television and YouTube.  This is an extension of Wego's investment to engage with travellers for efficient travel plans. Each of the six 30 and 15 second spots relate to the individuality of travel preferences and carry a slightly humourous undertone. Through humour, the ads hope to reinforces their real-person approach and that personalisation is "extremely important in today's online travel industry", said the company.

The ads aim to communicate the benefits of the travel metasearch model and its all-inclusive ability to display online travel agent rates, as well as direct airline and hotel rates.

Chief marketing officer for Wego, Joachim Holte, said that Wego has "allocated a great deal of resources in developing [the site] to meet  personal needs" of customers. He added that through the campaign, the company "felt it was time to introduce the brand to broader audiences through television and YouTube to reinforce that understanding.”

Check out the new ads below: