Webe launches contest as part of #SeeEveryEmotion campaign

Webe, as a part of its #SeeEveryEmotion campaign, recently launched a contest called #webeUnited. The content runs until 4 July 2017. As a part of this contest, Webe offers its members the opportunity to watch Manchester United live at Old Trafford, which over the years, has hosted matches for the FA Cup, World Cup, and European Championships

Furthermore, in a partnership with Goal.com, Webe members will get to view a live feed of the games, powered of course, with the help of Webe's data proposition.

"This partnership reflects our commitment to doing the unexpected and commitment that both Manchester United and Webe share for our fans and members. The experience that we deliver to our members - from the way we interact with them, our products and services, and even our promotions; we look at our member’s needs and wants first, and the experiences that matter the most to them, and give it to them,” Lai Shu Wei, chief marketing officer of Webe, said.

“Customers will get to watch the matches live on the television, chat about it online and share their thoughts. Webemobile provides us all a different view of what’s going on there on the pitch and in the stands! This is reflective of how we are consuming sports content today on our televisions, through live streaming on mobile devices and through consumer experiences like never before,” Lai added.