Waze taps iconic voice of MY entertainer Yasmin Yusuff for navigation option

Waze has tapped on the voice of Malaysian entertainment personality Yasmin Yusuff for an additional voice navigation option in Bahasa Malaysia on the app. Known as "Bahasa Malaysia - Yasmin", Yasmin (pictured) offers turn-by-turn navigation directions, as well as safety tips such as reminding drivers to strap on their seat belts and to slow down at the sign of red lights. She also throws in light-hearted utterances such as "Alamak, miss!" for when users have missed the exit and "lubang lagi" for when a pothole is ahead.

Yasmin said: "I tend to get frustrated with the mispronunciation of our street names and thought - why not do something and voice them myself? As I happen to be a professional voiceover artist, and also the original voice of the LRT, I thought it would be fun to do Waze too!"

According to Yasmin, all it took was for her to offer her voice in the Waze Malaysia Facebook group and before she knew it, she was contacted. “I only did turn-by-turn instructions this time, but maybe one day I can do the street names too,” she added. Yasmin is no stranger to voice-overs throughout her career, which also includes being a radio presenter, a singer, actress, talent manager and musical producer.

Meanwhile, Waze has also been coming up with creative ways to entertain consumers during their ride. Last month, it tied up with Warner Bros Consumer Products (WBCP) and DC to spice up consumers' travel on the road ahead of Batman Day on 21 September, using Batman and The Riddler to help users navigate.

Users can activate the Batman experience on Waze and choose either the hero or super villain by selecting the iconic voice of Batman or The Riddler. The feature is available globally in English, Spanish and Portuguese and users can also follow The Riddler's clues or enter "stealth mode" like Batman. Additionally, Waze users can change their car icons and hop in the Batmobile or The Riddler's racer to guide them on their way.

To create a safer shopping experience, Waze also partnered with Goodday Milk to identify less crowded hypermarket and supermarket outlets, utilising the app's historical navigation data. Waze serves suggestions for lower traffic outlets when drivers search for specific location destinations using keywords such as "groceries", "hypermarket" or "supermarket".

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