Watsons "Say Yes to Watsons Brand" campaign

Asia’s largest health and beauty retailer, Watsons launched its “Say Yes to Watsons Brand” integrated marketing campaign, designed to promote Watsons Brand, the store’s affordable, high-quality own brand, to the market in Malaysia.

The campaign helmed by Impact Challenger, is an integrated marketing communications agency based in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia, and features cartoon artwork by well known syndicated cartoonist Reggie Lee.

The objective of the campaign was to emphasize Watsons Brand’s promise of quality, value and trust. The recent price increases in Malaysia has made it more viable for customers to switch to the affordable, high quality Watsons Brand, said Watsons in a release.

Reggie Lee was tasked to highlight the affordability factor in a simple way that all Malaysians can relate to.

“The reason we roped in Reggie for this is because his iconic style immediately resonates with all Malaysians, irrespective of their backgrounds. Hence his cartoons successfully brought forward the message of Watsons Brand being a “hero” to Malaysian consumers by providing a high quality, low price own brand alternative to imported brands, even as they grapple with rising costs of living,” explained Elmo Lee, creative director at Impact Challenger.

“We also want to remove the negative stigma of house brands that some people have by discussing it, through Reggie’s cartoons, in a humorous, lighthearted manner,” added Lee.

The “Say Yes to Watsons Brand” campaign is a 360 degree activation program which includes print, online media including a dedicated microsite and social media, and POP material.