WATCH Shark Savers get street savvy

The cash-strapped marine conservation organisation Shark Savers has deployed a series of street stunts, entitled “Hug-a-Shark Day” to call for awareness on the plight of the endangered marine fish.

As a sequential phase of the grass roots campaign, “I am FINished with Fins”, the stunt aims to drive positive images for the threatened sharks by taking the campaign to the streets.

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“Given that sharks are suffering a bad reputation, conveyed from mostly the media, the campaign is an effort to build an affable image for them and to deliver positive values to the public,” said Silvy Pun, spokesperson of Shark Savers Hong Kong.

“Through the friendly approach of the stunt, it can help change people’s negative perceptions on sharks, but also help wash away our public image of being an activist in the public’s eyes.”

The stunts, which also include print and online activations, will take place at some popular tourist spots in Hong Kong, including The Peak, Tsim Sha Tsui, and next Sunday at Ocean Park.

An up-coming integrated app, which allows users to create a customised “I am FINished with Fins” ad, is set to be launched early next year to further engage supporters.

The grass roots movement first debuted in the Lion City in April 2012 and has branched out to Malaysia, Taiwan, Macau. This year the campaign landed in Hong Kong with out-of-home pushes and has now escalated to street events and soon a mobile app.

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