WATCH What the power of love can achieve

An ad called ‘The Power of Love’ for telco dtac has gone viral with over 8 million views in a week. Produced by Y&R Thailand, the 2-minute video has tugged heartstrings all over the world with its message that technology can never replace love.

Having gone live late on 30 June 2014, its humorous start and touching ending has had people liking and sharing on social media the world over.

On YouTube, its primary version in Thai with English subtitles, has exceeded 7 million views. There has also been over 70,000 views in Spanish, 30,000 in Norwegian and 20,000 in Chinese. The Chinese version on Youku has exceeded 1 million.

Check out the ad here:

Creative credits:

Campaign:                 dtac “The Power of Love”

Agency:                      Y&R Thailand

Media:                        OMD

Brand:                         dtac

Chief Creative Officer: Trong Tantivejakul

Art Direction:             Panumas Tasila

Art Director:               Trong Tantivejakul, Kumphol Witpiboolrut

Copywriter:                Trong Tantivejakul, Kumphol Witpiboolrut

Account Manager:                 Jindarat Udomthanapat

Production Company:           Sunshine-etc Co., Ltd.

Producer:                               Khanuengnit Wichitsakonkit

Director:                                 Kumphol Witpiboolrut

Director of Photography:      Prapope Duangpikool

Lighting Direction:                 Udom Pinthong

Cameraman:                         Prapope Duangpikool

Cameraman#2:                     Akkarapong Kusakul

Editing:                                   Manop Boonwipas

Music:                                     Cine Digital Sound Studio Co., Ltd

Sound Design:                      Terdsak Janpan

Post Production:                   Posters Co., Ltd.

Animation:                              Anto co.,Ltd