WATCH Maxis' CTO puts his life on the line to test network capabilities

Maxis, in collaboration with Ogilvy Malaysia, conceptualised a series of videos - 'Man vs Network' - to demonstrate the benefits for its newly modernised data network. The man in concern is indeed Maxis' chief technology officer Morten Bangsgaard.

To showcase his trust in the network experience, he willingly underwent a series of life threatening situations to test the network in three key areas, namely download speeds, loading time for popular websites and YouTube streaming.

In one nerve wrecking video, Bangsgaard, in a bid to test Maxis's 96% zero buffering on YouTube, was made to sit on a couch that would move so long as the YouTube video he was watching played. Once the video paused, the couch would come to a stop but the saw blade behind would continue to move until the video resumed playing again.

"The videos demonstrate Bangsgaard's obsession with Maxis' network capabilities that he is even willing to bet his life on it. How many clients will actually let you do that?" asked Rafael Guida, executive creative director, Ogilvy.

"When we got the brief for this campaign, we knew we wanted to do things differently and Maxis was very bullish in realising our ideas."

Watch the videos below to see if Bangsgaard makes it out unscathed:

"Lately, many companies are putting in their products to the test.But a telco network is not a tangible product and speed tests are always the boring side by side comparisons. The main challenge was to create experiements to represent the new Maxis network speed and put it to the test, in the physical world," Guida added.

Written by Prasanthi Ram