WATCH Honda creates incredible dual-sided ad

Honda and Wieden + Kennedy London have come together for an ad to promote the new Civic Type R alongside its predecessor, the regular Civic.

The ad, titled ‘The Other Side’, is a double-sided story. Whilst the protagonist remains the same, viewers have the option of toggling between the parallel stories by pressing and holding “R” on their keyboards at any time during the video. This mimics the unique feature in Civic Type R where its R button activates the car’s race mode.

What viewers will be treated to is two distinct versions – the regular Civic that has been shot in the day, and its red alter-ego, Civic Type R that has been conversely shot at night. The former takes on a light approach – a smooth car ride that ends at an innocent kids party – whilst the latter details a dangerous tale about a getaway driver.

W+K London wrote on its blog that the main objective was to allow people to “feel Honda’s other side as well as see it” and thus, the agency “dreamt up a technique that brings together both narratives through a simple interaction.”

Watch the full ad on Honda’s YouTube page here.

Here’s a little teaser for you:

In Beyonce’s words, this ad is flawless.

Written by Prasanthi Ram. 

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