[WATCH] This Google ad will make you melt

Google India with the help of Ogilvy India, has released a new commercial on YouTube highlighting its ability to bring people closer. The ad depicts an elderly gentleman reminiscing about his childhood friend Yusuf before the India-Pakistan partition in 1947.

He narrates to his granddaughter Suman how the two spent their childhood in Lahore and how they used to steal 'jhajariyas' (a local dessert) from Yusuf’s sweet shop.

Suman,  using the power of Google, then locates the store and makes contact with Yusuf's grandson. She then speaks to Yusuf himself, inviting him to India using Google's products at various stages of planning the trip.

Watch to find out what happens:

“From a performance marketing perspective, this film follows our ‘Start Searching India’ campaign that was launched last July. The campaign showcased many of the new innovations that Google search has rolled out. Innovations like flight search, theatre timings for movies, language translation, etc, which help users save time, and get to-the-point answers to their most common queries. Many of our users have not picked up on these. With this campaign, we hope to get traction on that,”  Sandeep Menon, director – marketing, Google India told Firstpost.

Last year the search engine created the campaign "Start Searching India" that promoted features that Indian users were not using frequently enough.

While some might say search engines as big as Google really don't require further advertisements to get their name out there, I for one really am glad it created such a beautiful story.

Currently the number of views for the video stands at over 1,300,000.

Another emotive ad by Tanishq jewellery in India got huge traction lately with people sharing  it extensively on social media. The ad which shows a women's second marriage (somewhat a taboo in the culture), was created by Lowe Lintas.

Watch the ad here.


All we can say is brilliant work, guys!