WATCH A game of social thrones?

Riding on Game of Thrones mania, Hootsuite has made an ad likening the seven social media network giants to the Seven Kingdoms in Game of Thrones.

Promotional for sure, but cute nonetheless – and because we’re such huge Game of Thrones fans, here you go:

“At HootSuite we’re big fans of HBO’s Game of Thrones and with the 4th season of GoT finally here we wanted to do our own rendition of the iconic opening titles. After all, uniting warring kingdoms is a story we know a thing or two about,” said the video. Put up since 4 April, it has since gotten  close to 180,000 views.

It has also upped the geek-factor by creating a storyline, with lines such as: “House Twitter blocks House Facebook: Its second move in many months, House Twitter blocks drawbridge access to its region through Instagram Way, the road owned and maintained by Facebook.”

Read the whole infographic here:


Image from Hootsuite’s blog.

Nicely done Hootsuite, my inner geek applauds you.


Elizabeth Low
Deputy Editor
Marketing Magazine Singapore

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