One brand that actually did rap right [Watch]

It’s been a few weeks of endless seasonal advertising. From Christmas to New Year to Chinese New Year, most of us have now been blinded by the splashes of red and gold, (both colours of Christmas and Chinese New Year) everywhere.

However, here is one local ad that did an unexpected twist.

Owl International worked with its agency Black On Black to create a rap video for Chinese New Year.

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The video, humorous and heartwarming, was posted online last Tuesday and touches on familiar topics associated with Chinese New Year. However, despite highlighting the “troubles” youths face during this period, the video ultimately conveys the message of family bonding and love.

When contacted by Marketing, a spokesperson at OWL International said:

“Instead of your usual, run-of-the-mill festive greeting video, we wanted to create fresh content that Singaporeans can really relate to.”

Owl added that the growing influence of modern (Western) sensibilities meant that the idea of the Lunar New Year is “far less appealing than it used to be, among the younger generation.”

Rap, personally for me is a very sensitive topic. Last year we saw many horrific instances of rap used both locally and globally.

Nelly and Snoop Dog started rapping and selling supermarket products and Burger King massacred the use of Singlish for its ad promoting a new product range.

However, none did so worse then the Public Utilities Board’s “Water Wally Shower Dance Music Video”. Oh, shudder.

But this time around, I think Owl did a great job at refreshing its image and connecting with the youth. I would definitely watch the video twice!