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[WATCH] Booster C breaks energy drink cliché, raps for the Filipino worker

Booster C breaks the energy drink cliché with a heartfelt rap anthem dedicated to all Filipinos taking a shot at a better life.

Instead of focusing on extreme stunt campaigns made popular by the likes of RedBull and Monster, Booster C invites iconic rapper Gloc-9 to write and perform a song dubbed “One Shot,” which talks about how hard work and a good life are two sides of the same coin.

The Booster C anthem, created by local ad agency IdeasXMachina, is a breather from your typical skater or extreme sport hero wearing the energy drink’s livery to represent the vigor and vitality of the brand – and it does make both creative and business sense.

The song strongly resonates with its core consumer base. Yes, it also includes athletes an others involved in sports but here in the Philippines, the market is primarily construction workers, jeepney drivers and those who burn the midnight oil like nurses and call center agents who are all in need of both an energy and morale booster.

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