[WATCH] ASUS and Intel show users when not to answer their phones

The mobile space is all the talk these days, especially since gone are the days when mobile devices were primarily used for calls.

In a campaign that asks users of smart phones and phablets if one device is able to blend together personal, social and professional life, ASUS and Intel launched a collaborative project: Fonepad is Calling.

Aimed at sparking conversation about the increasing usage of phablet – a larger screen version of a smart phone – the campaign hopes to gain support for this emerging trend and be the market leader in the category.

To promote the campaign, a humorous video showcasing the capability on ASUS devices (Fonepad Note 6 and Fonepad 7), powered by Intel, was launched via YouTube, which is aimed to educate an inspire consumers to understand how a phablet fits into their lifestyle.

The video sees a number of people answering their phablet at inopportune and inappropriate time, such as a board meeting, in the process of disabling a bomb, and by dentists while with patients.


Jeff Yang, marketing director of ASUS, said that phablets are still a new form factor, so there is a real opportunity to spark conversations to answer the many questions still lingering in consumer’s minds.

“Questions like ‘is one device all I need,’ or ‘is there such a thing as too big’, or ‘am I really buying a phone or a tablet?’ In order to encourage millennial to have these conversations, we have worked hard to ensure Fonepad is Calling is entertaining, social by design and omni-channels.”

Currently, the campaign is being promoted on local newspapers, magazines, and social media. Further plans for expansion into other platforms will depend on the responses.