Want to live a bold life? Use Listerine.

For decades, mouthwash ads have typically relied on product claims, functionality, oral health factoids and product demonstrations.

Listerine has teamed up with J. Walter Thompson to launch a new campaign across Asia that instead connects the brand to consumer’s lifestyles.

Armed with the insight that Listerine users seem to have a little extra edge to them, J. Walter Thompson helped design “The Study of Bold”, a survey of 6,000 people (half of whom use Listerine and half who don’t) in six markets.

The study found that Listerine users live bolder lives: They’re more likely to sky dive, dance in public, volunteer, eat exotic foods, start their own company, plan a trip and leave on the same day, juggle, stand up to a bully, and do card tricks.

In Asia, J. Walter Thompson Singapore’s regional J&J hub team has created and edited three videos around the idea that people who use its products most are just more adventurous.

In a video in Asia, titled "Fearless Warrior", a woman who “fears no food” tears into crab legs, dried squid and crushed ice.

In "Handsome Teeth", which riffs off Asia’s K-Pop mania, shows a man cracks walnuts in his teeth to impress women. And "The Salesman", the go-get-‘em guy with the confidence to upsell anything to anyone.

The videos will be launched in 10 Asian markets, including Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan, Korean, Thailand, Indonesia, the Philippines, Malaysia, and Vietnam.