Walmart: Why CSR pays

Walmart launched its 2013 global responsibility report with a promise to commit to environmental and social responsibility. Why? Because it's good for business, said Walmart Asia CEO Scott Price.

"We do have a responsibility to lead, and responsibility is also our opportunity," he told the media last Friday.

And there is an upside to environmental and social sustainability.

"What's good for society and good for business are parallel. Chinese are clearly getting passionate about sustainable living. With more than 24 million customers shopping weekly in Asia, we believe our CSR plan makes us a stronger business."

The report shows how Walmart delivers energy to meet the world's growing demand in a responsible way.

In Asia, the company said energy consumption, plastic bag reduction in India, China and Japan and reducing greenhouse gas emissions will continue to be a focus.

On the social responsibility front a women's development fund has so far helped 1,316 families make their business dreams come true through donations reaching RMB2 million in 2012.

In India, Walmart has provided retail training to more than 21,000 previously un-employable youth, 33% of which are female.

But looking ahead, Walmart said it will continue to expand its environmental credentials by reducing food waste in emerging market and cleaning up its supply chain.