Walking the CX path towards efficient digital transformation

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To capitalise on the acceleration of digital growth, the Singaporean market has set a goal of growing its digital economy to 30% by 2021. According to a report from Digital 2020 Singapore, almost 20% of Singapore residents admit spending more time digitally, especially during this pandemic outbreak, opening up huge opportunities for a burgeoning digital landscape.

Forty to 50% of Singaporean unicorns have already mastered the art of amalgamating analytics-backed customer data with customer touch-points through the imagine, build, and run phases of the digital transformation journey.

All major digital leaders are progressing towards value aggregation and marketplace play, while focusing on reimagining business models, re-evaluating the digital value chain, reconnecting with customers, and rebuilding the organisation.

How BORN leveraged the intersection of art and science

BORN Group, an award-winning global digital agency, recently took home top honours at this year’s Agency of the Year, Singapore 2020, positioning itself as a niche leader in customer experience management and enterprise commerce.

BORN recognised the rich opportunities that firms can leverage, sitting at the intersection of art (creative design) and science (technology), with the customer at the focal point.

An ardent advocate of this synergy, BORN uses it to unfold revenue and cost propositions for enterprises aspiring for CX-led transformation.

BORN Group envisaged a strategic CX framework Stella that focuses on digital transformation for B2B and B2C businesses. Stella incorporates three key elements – brand experience covers how a brand attracts and engages clients; behavioural experience deals with customer transactions across channels; and book-of-record experience captures essential data and analyses it through data science and back office systems. This validates BORN’s thinking on storytelling, omni-channel, and sales for its brands, customers, and internal team.

A pioneer in customer experience management and enterprise commerce

Over the past decade, the global retail landscape has grown threefold. With the penetration of the internet at an all-time high, the retail industry is expected to grow to $28 trillion at a CAGR of 5.2% by 2021 (source: GSMA Mobile Economy 2020). Technology will evolve from a mere catalyst for added services to an integral strategic business element.

Consumer preferences constantly shift, and so consumer engagement rules drive a lot of changes in the way retail companies function.

As an early adopter in this disruption, BORN’s journey with top brands began over a decade ago. Its focus is always on the right channel, and using the relevant touch-points (digital or physical) where brands can interact best with their customer base. BORN has helped several Singaporean businesses rethink digital transformation across the pivots of business models, value chains, customers, and organisation structure with the right skill sets.

A famous Singapore-based fashion retailer approached BORN for an omni-channel revamp of its existing site, which would make for a seamless switch between online and offline transactions. It had been facing significant site performance issues, coupled with broken functionality and architecture that impacted the user experience and long-term business growth.

BORN developed and redesigned the website with an omni-channel approach aligned to the brand’s vision. It fixed critical platform issues such as real-time inventory updates and slow price indexing, and added features such as customisation, unique customer IDs and validation, split payment, and loyalty programmes. The site soon gained traction with significant increases in visitors, order value, conversion rates, and customer engagement.

born dec2 1 

BORN also recently became the digital growth partner of one of Asia’s largest transportation hubs to develop and manage its next-generation omni-channel eCommerce marketplace for onboarding and tenant management.

BORN developed a progressive, fast and responsive website that delivered a superior performance. Besides providing creative and commerce services, BORN extended its content services to tenants, improving the quality of product content on the marketplace. The changes improved this client’s operational efficiency by 80%, with faster time to market, accelerated conversions while decreasing fallout, grew revenue by 80%, and increased sales through upselling and cross-selling.

 born dec2 2

BORN was also approached by the world’s largest chain of health food stores to enable the brand’s customers with a unified end-user experience by connecting creative content and commerce to transform the brand and grow the business.

It was engaged to provide the brand with an omni-channel and frictionless eCommerce application with key functionalities such as a custom-built order management system, multiple and split payment options, custom-built loyalty engine, real-time sync of orders, bonus, loyalty membership status, customer information, and much more.

For more information, please reach out to Aditya Basu corporate marketing – APAC, at BORN Group.


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