VuQo works on Playboy-branded vodka

Playboy Enterprises has partnered with local distilled-spirits maker VuQo Inc. to develop its own brand of premium vodka targeting affluent Asians.

Unlike others made from grains or potatoes, Playboy Vodka will be distilled from coconuts, a way to ensure that their bottle of vodka can stand out when it hit stores shelves late 2013.

After VuQo's own flagship premium vodka, the Playboy-branded spirit is the world's second coconut-based vodka - a "one-of-a-kind vodka" Matt Nordby, executive vice president of Playboy Enterprises, said adds "another facet of the Playboy world to Asian consumers"

According to a licensing agreement Monday, Playboy Vodka will be sold in select countries in Asia, namely the Philippines where it will be produced, Australia, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, New Zealand, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam.

VuQo founder and chief executive officer Rich Cabael describes the vodka as "smooth and crisp" that will "appeal to both Playboy and Vodka enthusiasts alike."

"Playboy is known for its iconic appeal and aspirational lifestyle" he said, explaining they were looking for a brand with the "right mix of market knowledge and a passion for growing brands," Nordby said.

Aside from vodka, the eight-year old brand also owns Haliya Light Fruit Wines, premium wines handcrafted from locally-grown fruits. Both brands are exported to the United States, Guam and sold at Duty Free Philippines.