VS Media opens doors in Hong Kong to foster online stars

Online video is set to be the next big thing in the digital arena, to keep pace with the trend of Millennials moving online, VS Media, the video and social media company, has officially set up its operations in Hong Kong.

In this new media era, Ivy Wong, founder and CEO of VS Media, believes everyone can be a digital entrepreneur and influencer, simply by creating original digital content.

The company aims to help content creators and key opinion leaders in Hong Kong and across Greater China, to produce locally-driven videos and engage content that will grow their profile and increase their earning potential.

VS Media has established working relationships with more than 150 Hong Kong YouTubers, engaging with their 3.8 million subscribers.

Local creators onboard with the company include YouTube sensation Cooking HayHay, comedian Smiling Boris, beauty vloggers Katy Cheung and Water Fish and yoga actress Coffee.


Cooking HayHay


VS Media launch party

The next generation media company empowers creators by providing production facilities and funding, offering direction and support for cross marketing, social media and search optimization, with an end goal resulting in partnerships with brands, advertisers and agencies.

To market and monetise those influential Millennials’ original content, VS Media pairs them with different brands.

Brands looking to harness the next generation of must-have media – branded entertainment – are also increasingly engaging influencers to reach wider audiences, with the likes of luxury skincare brand SK-II and fitness wear brand Reebok already seeing partnership with VS Media.

Meanwhile, VS Media also teams up with Youku, Tudou and Wechat to reach Chinese audience through forums they regularly engage with.

Ivy Wong

Ivy Wong

“The media landscape is shifting with the rise of social media, and young creators who are building their own channels and fan base are shaping the media ecosystem,” Wong describes.

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