Volvo Malaysia launches healthcare campaign for its trucks

Volvo Trucks has introduced a preventive vehicle ‘healthcare’ campaign to optimise engine efficiency and life span for peak business performance.

According to Volvo, the campaign aims to encourage early detection of vehicular issues in a truck in order to prolong the life cycle of the truck, reduce environmental impacts, and ensure the safety of the driver.

The campaign which is running from May 1 to July 31, is open to all Volvo trucks whether purchased from Volvo Malaysia or reconditioned.

Each health check session will take approximately 2.5 hours per truck and will cover a checklist comprising engine compression test check, engine compartment check, lubricant and fluid check, steering linkage check, brake check, suspension check, tyre check, battery check and overall body check on lights, reflectors and mirrors.

Volvo stated that the preventive checks will enable truck owners to diagnose the actual truck condition using Volvo’s specific technology tools like the VCAD PRO – an online diagnosis software which is connected to the factory in real time.

Aside from the technological capabilities offered, Volvo has a dedicated team of skilled technicians who are ready to conduct the preventive checks.

Volvo also released a preventive maintenance checklist for the services rendered under this campaign.

  1. Engine Compression Test Check with VCAD PRO
  2. Engine Compartment Check – drive belts, belt tensioners, radiator, hoses, pipes, intercooler, engine, power take-off, compressor, fuel piping and lines, and exhaust
  3. Lubricant & Fluid Check – leakages, coolant, clutch fluid, engine oil, sealant on gearbox, transfer gearbox, power take-off, cables, propeller shafts, universal joints, slide joints, support bearings, rear axle, and hub reduction gear
  4. Steering Linkage Check – steering link system and leakages
  5. Brake Check – leakages, joints, brake linings, calipers, discs, cylinders, levers, and forks
  6. Suspension Check – exhaust, silencer, filter, springs, u-bolts, air suspension, and bellows
  7. Tyre Check – thread, puncture, uneven wear, and mud guard
  8. Battery Check – dirt, leakage, attachments, fluid levels, connections, and battery box
  9. Others – Air deflector, air intake, side mirrors, lightings, reflectors, warming and control lamps