Volkswagen unlocks the power of new engine with viral videos

Volkswagen Group China and Tribal Worldwide Beijing have launched a digital-led campaign taglined “TSI engine. The power behind the smile”, targeting to create advocacy for Volkswagen engine technology leadership among Chinese consumers, and to shift consumer perception on performance measurement from displacement size to torque.

The campaign is to build up a friendly social environment for Volkswagen Group China’s relabeling project next year. From 2015, the displacement-based or engine type-based rear badge of selected Volkswagen brand passenger cars and light commercial vehicles that are equipped with TSI or TDI engine, will be progressively changed to “torque-based” badges.

To help people understand the three most outstanding benefits of the TSI engine – Acceleration, Hill Climbing ability and Fuel Efficiency, Tribal Worldwide Beijing has created three amusing viral videos which have been put on campaign site.

The digital campaign is supported by a series of social media activities and PR cooperation. Currently, “Look for your life torque” topic has been spread up on Sina Weibo, to encourage people share the key factors, which inspired them to keep going on their life and work.

Key opinion leaders and leading trade media are also sharing insights on TSI Engine and what the entire re-labeling project will bring to the automobile industry.

“We are telling three amusing stories, featuring some very down-to-earth life or work moments, to implicate three outstanding performance factors of TSI engine. We believe people will get the point when they watched the film; and thus to understand how VW Engines bring them smile with high torque performance”, said Neil Holt, managing director of Tribal Worldwide Beijing.

“It seems engine performance can be measured in smiles. Because TSI technology produces more torque from the same sized engine, and thus bring the car improved acceleration and more uphill pulling power with more efficient use of fuel. So next time when a Volkswagen driver gives you a cheerful smile, you’ll know why”, said Oliver Wolter from Volkswagen Group China branding and marketing team.

“Most people think that engine performance is represented by displacement. The bigger the displacement is, the higher the power and torque are. However, with the rapid development of engine technologies, small displacement engines can provide higher power and torque via more advanced technology.”

Advertiser: Volkswagen Group China
Brand TSI Engine
Campaign: TSI Engine. The power behind the smile
Creative agency: Tribal Worldwide Beijing, part of DDB China Group
Managing director: Neil Holt
Creative director: Tim Paradise
Copywriter: Wei Wei
Art director: Xie Su
Group account director: Herbert Law
Senior account director: Eva Zou
Account manager: Linna Dong, Phoebe Wu, Mio Wang
Planning director: Tim Schlick
Production house: Shanghai Job
Director: Angle Gracia
Producer: Colin Lai

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