Volkswagen preps for success with auto show

The Volkswagen.DasAuto.Show is back with an integrated campaign that introduces the show and the new Beetle to Malaysians.

From 8 to 9 September, Volkswagen Group Malaysia will hold its second show targeting the mass public, while unveiling the new Beetle.

The show will also bring a number of vehicles that have not been launched in Malaysia yet, alongside technology and engine showcases.

It will encompass touch and feel concepts, which Petra Schreiber (pictured), marketing director of Volkswagen Group Malaysia, believes is the DNA of the brand.

“For an automotive industry where planning, innovation and distribution cycles are longer, it is important for consumers to see, touch and experience current offerings and what is about to come.

An integrated campaign for the Beetle launch and Volkswagen.Das.Auto.Show 2012 is currently running across all media channels, including digital, traditional, out-of-home and PR.

A series of videos depicting the nostalgic journey of Beetle owners for generations has gone live on Facebook and other online portals while online banner ads of the show can also be seen.

A special website for the show was created ( with show details and other information on the brand and the Beetle.

Schreiber described the event as a significant part of Volkswagen’s marketing thrust in Malaysia and part of its plan to increase brand awareness.

The 2011 show saw more than 18,000 attendees over two days. Volkswagen experienced a 165% jump in sales in 2011 with 7,350 units sold.

“In terms of numbers and face to face interactions, the Volkswagen.DasAuto.Show 2011 was one of the largest marketing campaigns by the group in Malaysia that led to customer touch points on other platforms like social and digital marketing.

“The show has inevitably helped us to put a face to the brand that exemplifies cars and technology innovations,” said Schreiber.

Set to be held at Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre, the Beetle will be launched to invited guests and the media on 7 September, and unveiled to the public on 8 and 9 September.

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