Volkswagen Group Hong Kong partnership hands HK and Macau distribution to Kam Lung Motor Group

 Volkswagen Group Hong Kong has announced a new partnership with Kam Lung Motor Group (KLMG), wherein the latter will become the sole distributor in Hong Kong and Macau for Volkswagen and Audi brands.

The change will take effect by the second half of 2020, when KLMG will take on responsibility for Hong Kong and Macau business operations, including wholesale and retail, sales, and services.  The goal is to integrate operations between the brands as part of continuous efforts to optimise the business. 

Hing Tak Mak, president of KLMG said, “We value customers’ opinions, as well as every employee’s passion and talent as the core of a successful car brand and company. Together we hope to bring the Volkswagen brand’s exciting new vehicle lineup to customers in the near future.” 

Approximately 200 staff at Volkswagen’s existing Hong Kong operations will be given new roles with Kam Lung Motor Group, and continue to serve its customers in Hong Kong and Macau.

Further details on the transition of the Audi brand will be announced at a later stage. However, Lothar Korn, managing director of Audi Hong Kong said, “Audi is focused on bringing our customers progressive, cutting-edge mobility solutions. We continue to achieve that by delivering quality of service and opening up new opportunities for the future, and we look forward to further announcements in due course.”

KLMG is already one of Volkswagen Group’s core investors and handles multiple brands - including Bugatti, Bentley, Porsche, Audi, Lamborghini and Volkswagen - across Hong Kong and Southern China. The company has 37 years of automotive market experience, having built up a network of more than 30 4S dealership centres, providing after-sales service to over 264,000 customers each year.

Tian Tian, managing director of Volkswagen Hong Kong said, “Nothing will change for our esteemed Volkswagen customers. With the involvement of Kam Lung Motor Group by our side, we will continue to bring the newest products and innovative technologies to Hong Kong and Macau.”