Voice of Children and Publicis One urge consumers to take action with new anti-bullying spot

Non-profit organisation Voice of Children rolled out a project together with Publicis One Malaysia titled “The Anti-Bullying Bullying Videos”, featuring three videos which aims to push three key messages. They are “Don’t be a bystander”, “Parents, listen to your kids” and “Be the voice for the victims by helping them speak up”.

While numerous videos of bullying are constantly shared with the intention of raising awareness on the issue, it does not solve the root of the problem as awareness “is good but not enough”. To tackle the issue, Publicis One Malaysia decided to hijack these videos and turn them into a medium to host an anti-bullying message. This saw the agency re-enacting and executing these bullying scenes in the same manner, while allowing the victim to speak to the viewer. The videos then end with a educational message that “shares and likes don’t end bullying, but learning how to help a victim does.”

“We need to stop talking about bullying only and start doing something about it. These are real lives at stake. And we need to learn to help them,” Hartini Zainudin, founder of Voice of Children said.

Watch the spots here:

Meanwhile, the agency also worked with Yayasan Chow Kit on a video spot titled “My Happy Place”, to raise awareness on severity of statelessness in Malaysia. The film tells the story of how the protagonist is enjoying life in prison as he is able to enjoy direct access to basic education, jobs and healthcare – something that the stateless are unable too.

Watch the spot here:

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