Vita celebrates Hong Kong’s icons images in new 30 second TVC

Two years after launching, Vita Hong Kong style Milk Tea has built its brand around some of the city’s iconic symbols. But, there is still a huge opportunity for the brand go even further.

DDB Group Hong Kong has developed a campaign which celebrates the drink’s reputation as a much-loved Hong Kong icon. Capturing Hong Kongers’ strong sense of belonging and intimacy derived from their hometown, the idea digs out the most iconic Hong Kong spots and describes them in a colloquial and quirky way.

To dramatise the idea, a 30-second TVC features a man running all over Hong Kong in search of authentic Hong Kong icons. He makes a trip to Happy Valley racecourse, to Lang Kwai Fong to party, hikes up Flag-hosting Mountain (Victoria Peak), goes shopping at The Ladies Market (Tung Choi Street) and visits Goose Neck Bridge (Bowrington Bridge). After searching around the city he comes to the realization that a Hong Kong icon is always just in the palm of your hand as long as you have Vita Milk Tea. The TVC closes with the tagline, “Hong Kong Style Range. You’ll know all this if you’re from Hong Kong!”

Benny Ko, Head of Client Services at DDB Group Hong Kong, said, “Not many things create quite the sense of intimacy and familiarity as the use of a nickname, so we deliberately dramatized the local names of those iconic spots. Nicknames like Goose-neck Bridge, Flag-hosting Mountain, The Ladies Market are all understood by locals and create a deeper resonation and relevancy on an emotional level.”

The campaign also comprises ads on social media, moving trucks and In-store point of sales to spread the message far and wide throughout Hong Kong.

The campaign follows on from Vita Milk Tea launch campaign in 2014, which illustrated that Vita Hong Kong style milk tea is a part of all Hong Kong people by focusing on colloquial Hong Kong conversations.

Client: Vitasoy International
Executive Creative Director: Clifford Ng
Director of Client Services: Benny Ko
Group Creative Director: O Poon
Creative Director: Paul Yu
Associate Creative Director: Ben Ling
Senior Art Director: Tony Cheung
Art Director: Matthew Kwok
Account Director: Cafy Choi
Account Manager: Filly Zheng
Account Executive: Caro Siu, Ernest Tsang
Head of TV Production: Annie Tong
TV Producer: Denise Wong

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