Visa rolls out concierge mobile app in Malaysia

Visa has launched its concierge mobile app in Malaysia offering affluent cardholders access to a variety of concierge services on their mobile phones. With the app, users can arrange for services including hotel, flight and restaurant reservations in real-time, reported Bernama.

Affluent cardholders also have access to the app's live chat function, allowing them to communicate directly with a customer service representative for "personalised and bespoke" requests. A+M has reached out to Visa for comment.

Quoting Visa's country manager for Malaysia Ng Kong Boon, Bernama reported that 40% of requests for its traditional concierge model revolved around travel and dining. He added that its digitally-attuned customers have grown accustomed to "a high level" of speed and efficiency when it comes to purchasing a product or service. Hence, the company saw the need to offer affluent cardholders the same level of efficiency for concierge requests.