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Visa launches newsroom

Payments technology firm Visa has launched its own newsroom, covering the Asia Pacific region.

The site will cover Visa and payment-related content from across Asia Pacific. Topics will include financial inclusion and education, growing economies, innovation, security and travel and tourism.

Other brands that have also stepped into brand journalism include HSBC, which started its Business Without Borders site, created for the bank’s existing and potential clients. Intel also started its Free Press site in 2010, and GE its GE Reports site.

While HSBC and Intel take a less branded approach to their news sites, Visa’s carries its brand on most of its news pieces, Marketing observes.

The newsroom is currently led by director of content Kris LeBoutillier. LeBoutillier reports to Andrew Woolnough, head of corporate communications, Visa Singapore.

LeBoutillier told Marketing that there are currently no plans for advertising on the site and that the newsroom was launched to engage the media and influencers across the Asia Pacific region.

“The site is designed as a portal for Visa experts to publish features, opinions and updates on the world of electronic payments. We will also be seeking contributions from third parties who are involved in financial inclusion, payment technology and security,” said LeBoutillier.

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