Vincent Tsui goes for "honest marketing" with new firm

Following his departure from Next Mobile, Vincent Tsui has now got his hands full with his newly launched marketing consultancy firm Toast Communications Limited.

The firm was launched with Siu Hung Ng, former business director of Metta Communications. Ng's previous advertising campaigns include Mannings, Fujifilm, and BUPA.

Tsui told Marketing that the company, which currently has around 30 staff, is divided into five splits, with Toast Communications specialising in formulating branding and content marketing strategies, whereas other units function for media buying, creative and content production, e-commerce trading, sourcing and support, as well as packaging design specifically. Most of the units are based under the same roof in Lai Chi Kok, Hong Kong, while package design unit Kudos is based in Australia.

"The usual practise is to outsource creative work, but our structure would help to produce projects with more cohesive branding. It also allows us to better control cost," he explained.

Admitting that the firm is in a highly competitive environment with not only the 4As, but that there are more local agencies than ever, Tsui seeks to differentiate his company by taking a clear stance on honest marketing.

"Consumers nowadays can easily access online reviews and social media, and they can sniff out any attempts to hide or cover up drawbacks from the brands. There's no secret on the internet," he explained.

Quoting Harvey Residential's ad on English property website Zoopla, which reads, "Not a very nice one bedroom flat but like the budgie it's cheap; open plan, has a well used kitchen, and if you can call it this - a small lounge", Tsui said the brutally honest way they communicated had actually generated positive feedback in the city.

"By being honest in content marketing, brands can become more convincing in their voices. They can also foster trust with its customers," he said, adding that the company has already established a team named "Pinocchio" to work specifically on this initiative.

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