Coca-Cola and TheSamTsui on brand collaboration

Coca-Cola’s take on working with YouTube artists

In a conversation with Marketing, Simon Kahn, CMO, Google Asia Pacific said more and more brand marketers today are realising the power of online video when wanting to engage with consumers and garner awareness.

“The challenge in a place like Singapore is to figure out how much time to invest in creating content that works in Singapore across content that could work across different markets,” added Kahn.

Content creation and curation

Increasingly, brands are looking for ways of creating content on their own by collaborating with content creators who understand the magic of video. Coke is one such classic example with its The Sound of Ahhh series. It has also worked with international YouTube stars such as TheSamTsui and Kurt Hugo Schneider to create various original sound tracks using just Coke bottles.

Coke has also actively over the years ventured into the space of content creation and curation where the brand has developed various social music projects globally.

Why working with such YouTube stars works for brands like Coca-Cola is because these stars have a voice of authenticity and have created a trust with their fan base, said Kahn. This is something the brand can hence leverage upon.

“This fan base is something they want to connect with – and it is not just reaching in to sell their products to the fan base but about collaborating with those creators to come up with interesting content that works,” said Khan.

Content curation is also a vital aspect of video advertising. Today there is much information on YouTube and the world wide web in general. Hence finding and curating the right content is just as important in building the brand persona.

“Marketers are looking for creators that share similar insights, emotions and feelings relatable to their brand. So what we’re also seeing is that brands today desire to curate stuff that is there and put it together to tell the story to generate interest in branding.”

Marketing sat down with Pratik Thakar, vice president – Asia Pacific creative & content excellence at The Coca-Cola Company and YouTube star TheSamTsui to take a look at what went down behind the scenes when they worked on their video The Sound of Ahhh: Feels so Close.


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