Vidal Sassoon encourages China's youth to escape cultural expectations

While targeting the youth is hardly any kind of new strategy, Vidal Sassoon has tried to take a different spin on the formula by leveraging the pressures young people feel to oblige their families and obey social norms in China.

In a new campaign, Vidal Sassoon is encouraging young people to live their own lives and believe in themselves. A pretty tired trope in the West, but honestly still edgy in China, where parental guidance and cultural expectations still bear a heavy burden.

The campaign is making use of an #ifollowme hashtag to encourage Chinese youths to express themselves by uploading text and photos that demonstrate their independence along with the hashtag.

"This campaign started with a strong cultural insight about the Chinese generation coming of age today, who have grown up in a very filial culture, which dictates how they are supposed to behave," said Jazzy Chen, executive creative director of Saatchi & Saatchi Shanghai.

Chen added, "Vidal Sassoon wants to challenge these traditions by encouraging young Chinese to express their true self. We couldn’t be more proud to share this beautiful and meaningful work to the Chinese youth and market."

As mentioned, this isn't anything that's going to shake advertising to its core but as China's Gen Z market starts carving out an identity in a much more globally connected China, brands are going to want to be the memorable cheerleaders to that journey.  In that regard, the campaign is doing pretty solid work.