Versace sues fashion retailer for ripping off J.Lo 'Jungle' dress design among others

Multiple media reports said that Versace wants to stop Fashion Nova from selling the clothes and is demanding to be paid attorney's fees and other damages.


Luxury fashion brand Versace is suing fast fashion retailer Fashion Nova for supposedly copying some of its popular designs, one of them including the Jungle green dress worn by Jennifer Lopez during the 2000 Grammy Awards.  A quick check by Marketing found that the alleged replicated dress is known as "Love Don't Cost A Thing 2 Piece Costume Set" on Fashion Nova's website.

According to multiple media reports including Forbes and Yahoo Finance, Versace wants to stop Fashion Nova from selling the clothes and is demanding to be paid attorney's fees and other damages. In addition to the "Jungle" dress, Fashion Nova had also allegedly replicated Versace's black and gold "Barocco" and multicoloured "Pop Heart" print designs for its other dresses. Versace said it owns the copyrights and trademarks for the designs copied by Fashion Nova, which "will confuse and mislead customers" of Versace.

Also, Versace's lawsuit alleged that Fashion Nova had tagged its websites selling the replicated designs with the Versace brand name as well as other trademarked words to bolster search engine and social media visibility. The luxury fashion brand also alleged that Fashion Nova had the ability to produce multiple new designs due to "its willingness to copy the copyrighted designs, trademarks and trade dress elements of well-known designers such as Versace", Forbes reported. Marketing has reached out to Versace and Fashion Nova for comment.

Separately, Fashion Nova was also criticised by US American celebrity Kim Kardashian in February this year for replicating a Thierry Mugler dress she wore to an awards show.

In a series of tweets, Kardashian said: "It's devastating to see these fashion companies rip off designs that have taken the blood, sweat and tears of true designers who have put their all into their own original ideas." While she did not mention the brand name, multiple media reports wrote that the fashion site was allegedly Fashion Nova.

According to her, the vintage Mugler dress was knocked off and "thrown up on a site" in less than 24 hours. However, the replicated dress was not made to sell yet and Kardashian alleged that it was a plan to get consumers to sign up for the site's mailing list, allowing consumers to believe that there was a relationship between her and the fashion site.

She added that she has witnessed these companies profit off her husband's work and it is now affecting designers who were generous enough to give her access to their beautiful works. Kardashian is married to US American rapper Kanye West.

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(Photo courtesy: Fashion Nova's website)