VERSA launches "world-first" navigationless, voice activated website

Digital technology and conversational design agency VERSA has launched what they claim as a world-first navigation-less and voice-activated website at

The agency's new site utilises AI-powered conversational bot technology, enabling users to simply talk or type to the site's AI bot, telling it what they want or asking it questions. At the moment, the bot can handle agency-related requests, namely: "Get in touch" or "Show me some case studies" — but it seems to be learning as more users input data and requests. it can also tell you a joke, if you'd like.

Part of the agency's stated goal with the site is to deliver hyper-personalisation to every visitor, allowing their digital concierge to give them a human-centred experience. Instead of having to search for what they want, this AI-powered conversation puts that power into the users' hands, especially as many consumers have grown to expect immediate access to information.

"Agencies and brands have spent years focused on user-centred design and still wonder why people aren’t finding what they need on their website. The answer is navigation-less search,” said VERSA CEO Kath Blackham.

"Providing access to information via voice technology creates an easy conversation. It also allows us to reach new audiences due to the navigation-less platforms using voice or text to potentially improve accessibility for non-English speakers and those with low levels of literacy, the elderly, vision impaired and people living with disability, mobility and dexterity issues. This is true human-centred design and is changing the game completely on platform design."