Verizon Media rolls out campaign in HK to celebrate Yahoo's 25th anniversary

 As Hong Kong has entered the 5G era earlier this year, brands and marketers can leverage this technology to offer customers and audiences with enhanced experience. Celebrating its 25th anniversary globally, Yahoo has launched a campaign to showcase Hong Kong's milestones over the period.

The Yahoo25 Anniversary campaign consists of two parts: the Yahoo25 Hong Kong Passion Moments in 5G event and the Yahoo Search x Hong Kong Foodie event. Utilising VR interactions, VR videos, Yahoo Hong Kong's search function, and Web AR, the campaign is aimed at reminding Hongkongers of the little blessings in everyday life as well as the remarkable moments over the last 25 years.

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To join the campaign, participants can activate the AR function on their phones and search for specific keywords on the Yahoo Hong Kong search engine. Yahoo Hong Kong has selected the most-searched local events, moments and places, and have brought them to life with AR, such as Lee Lai-shan winning the gold medal for Hong Kong in the 1996 Olympic Games, the Lee Theatre, and the Rubber Duck created by Dutch designer Florentijn Hofman which visited Hong Kong's Victoria Harbour in 2013, to name a few.

"We are delighted to kick off the 'Yahoo25 Hong Kong Passion Moments in 5G' event that showcases not only collective memories that tug at Hongkongers’ heartstrings, but also the newest VR and AR technology that Verizon Media and RYOT have to offer. We are also excited to announce our partnership with CSL Mobile in our road to opening up a new 5G-helmed chapter for Hong Kong," said Rico Chan, co-head of Verizon Media for APAC. 

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Verizon Media has also conducted a survey to explore Hongkongers' anticipations for 5G. Among a total of more than 10,000 respondents, 78% said that 5G was equivalent to faster speeds, while more than half of them looked forward to the positive changes that 5G would bring to their lives. 23% anticipated the high-resolution AR or VR experiences that 5G would make possible as well.

Erika Wang, co-head of Verizon Media for APAC, commented, “5G investment and strategy play a pivotal role in our business in APAC. Given 5G’s unique characteristics and the popularity of AR/VR in the future, we see immense potential in immersive content that will revolutionise our digital consumption behaviours and fill our lives with imagination and creativity."

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