VaynerMedia breaks into consulting space, offers short-term services

VaynerMedia has launched a suite of consulting products, which is said to be designed to meet the ever-changing demands of the marketplace. The new offerings will allow clients to work with VaynerMedia on a short-term basis, giving them access to its services without causing friction with agencies they currently have a contract with. 

Gary Vaynerchuk (pictured), chairman of VaynerX and CEO of VaynerMedia, said: "Given the political dynamics of agency life and contracts, I am always looking to eliminate friction to give people the opportunity to work with us. The consulting strategy is a move in that direction.”

MARKETING-INTERACTIVE understands that the consulting offering is available globally, and will tap into VaynerMedia's expertise in APAC, North America and EMEA. Kaylen McNamara, VaynerMedia's SVP, new business operations and consulting, will oversee the consulting practice globally, working closely with regional teams. 

The consulting products include a roadmap for winning relevance with Gen Z to drive brand growth, an influencer roadmap where brands can navigate and activate today’s influencer marketplace to win consumer attention and drive relevance, as well as a guide for engaging the gaming and esports community to drive cultural relevance. 

Some offerings will also help to strengthen brand building, such as a modern marketing transformation that helps brands build their internal modern marketing machine, a brand merchandising playbook, as well as a content and media bootcamp for B2C brands and employees. MARKETING-INTERACTIVE has reached out for additional comments. 

As part of the consulting services, clients are said to receive an eight to 12-week experience which includes an analysis into the current state of consumer attention, and the opportunity to work alongside progressive strategists, creators and media specialists to unlock modern solutions to brands' biggest business challenges. The outcome will be to develop and deploy a robust, strategic playbook for how to build relevance for the brand across a broad spectrum of consumers.

Vaynerchuk said the launch of the its consulting offerings is an example of how the company innovates the way it service clients, and also a response to the needs of the marketplace during the pandemic. According to him, the brand has also received "an enormous amount" of enquiries from individuals and organisations looking to work with them over the past 18 months. “As the industry continues to evolve, so will VaynerMedia in order to provide the utmost value,” he added.

VaynerMedia's consulting products are the latest in a series of innovations from Vaynerchuk’s communications group, VaynerX. Earlier this year in April, VaynerX announced the launch of VaynerCommerce, a company created to build sustainable eCommerce businesses.

VaynerCommerce's offering is said to provide new sources of repeatable growth for eCommerce brands by embracing a full-funnel, rapid-experimentation-based approach across creative, media and technology. In addition, VaynerCommerce will consult with brands to solve and develop solutions to specific eCommerce problems. VaynerCommerce consists of a team with more than 40 staff, who will be based in Los Angeles.

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