Unruly strikes partnerships with Indonesia and Philippines publishers

Unruly has partnered with publishers across Indonesia and Philippines to create a premium publisher marketplace for outstream video ad inventory.

In Indonesia, these publishers are Kompas, IDN Times, FOX Asia, MSN, Tempo, Brilio, OLX Indonesia and Perform Group – which form the UnrulyX Trusted Indonesia Marketplace. According to Unruly, this resulted in access to over half a billion video impressions per month.

As for the UnrulyX Trusted Philippines Marketplace, Unruly partnered with publishers such as The Inquirer, The Philippines Star, Summit Media, FOX Asia, MSN, GMA Network, Rappler and OLX Philippines. This is to offer advertisers access to over 200 million video impressions per month.

Both marketplaces are available via UnrulyX, which looks to allow brands to collectively buy desktop and mobile outstream video inventory across all top tier publishers in each market. The service also looks to guarantee premium environments for advertisers, with a potential audience of 55m million unique users.

The statement added that the marketplace aims to meet the increasing demands of the ad industry for high quality outstream video ad formats on trusted, brand safe sites. This is in a bid to provide an ease and precision targeting of programmatic buying. Quality of views will also be independently verified by MOAT. Advertisers will be able to access this scaled, premium video opportunity through a dedicated Unruly team.

“Neuroscience and advanced measurement techniques show that consumer engagement levels are heightened within premium editorial environments and these video marketplaces offer both cost efficiency and engagement to drive business outcomes for advertisers,” Phil Townend, chief commercial officer, Unruly APAC, said.

“There is a clear demand from advertisers for high quality video inventory and greater media collaboration to make buying at scale easier and more effective. […] We look forward to testing this new proposition and working with the industry to deliver the best in digital advertising,” Moris Rusmanto, VP of digital sales, Kompas Gramedia said.