Unilever fools influencers into thinking they are using expensive hair products

To promote its Suave range of haircare products, Unilever has launched a campaign which challenges the statistic that seven in 10 women think expensive hair brands work better than inexpensive ones. To do so, it got beauty influencers and bloggers to try out its shampoo called “Evaus” which is “Suave” spelled backwards.

The video starts out like any typical shampoo commercial - shining, swinging locks and the whole shebang. It also follows with influencers vouching for the Evaus brand of products, which has been redesigned to look like salon style products – which are usually known to cost more.

The influencers rave about the product, with one saying that “Quality is what you pay for”. Meanwhile, others go as far to admitting that their hair stylist does not recommend anything from the drug store, where products such as Suave are usually found.

It is eventually revealed to the bloggers that they have been using Suave all along, much to some of their shock and surprise. Watch the video here.

Since its launch nearly one week ago, the video has garnered 49,441 views on YouTube at the time of writing.

Suave parent company, Unilever recently revealed its first quarter results, underlining 3 to 5% of underlying sales growth in 2017 despite challenging market conditions. The company said that growth in India recovered from the uncertainty experienced from the removal of the Rs.500 and Rs.1,000 notes in November.

According to Unilever CEO Paul Polman, the first quarter shows growth once more ahead of the company’s markets. This reflected its continued investment in both innovations and brand support.

Its personal care segment continued to grow the core while expanding in high-growth segments and building in premium positions. In hair, growth was driven by Sunsilk, helped by variants that meet the needs of Muslim consumers and the expansion into natural propositions that has driven increased penetration among Millennials.

“The change programme ‘Connected for Growth’, which we started implementing in the autumn last year, is clearly bearing fruit and is making Unilever more agile and closer to the local markets, unlocking both further growth and margin,” Polman added.