Unilever concludes US$3.3bn media review, Mindshare bags top 6 market duties

Unilever has reappointed Mindshare to handle global media duties covering top markets including China and India, US and the UK, with the billings amounting to approximately US$3.3 billion globally, according to COMvergence. All markets held by Mindshare include Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam and Southeast Asia, China, India and South Asia, Netherlands and Belgium, Italy, Sweden and Nordics, Poland and Eastern Europe, UK and Ireland and the US. The pitch comprises all integrated services and is Unilever's first global media review in six years. It also sought agency partners across territories globally.

Unilever confirmed that Mindshare remains its largest media partner, with a brief almost seven times larger than that of the next closest agency and representing almost 80% of the total Unilever media business. Mindshare also holds comms planning and search briefs. Unilever's EVP, global media, Luis Di Como, said it is grateful to all the agencies who have worked collaboratively with the brand over the course of many years, and is excited to be continuing its journey with agency partners, existing and new.

Mindshare's global CEO, Adam Gerhart, said it is elated to continue its strategic partnership with Unilever as its lead agency. "We believe that the cultural synergies between Unilever's Get On the Frontline strategy and its own vision to accelerate Good Growth for clients underscores the strength of the partnership across all levels," he added.

Mindshare recently launched its new market proposition, Good Growth, a belief that in the platform age of global digital platforms, consumers have more power than ever. Hence, brands must deliver value and also align to their values if they want to drive "Good Growth". Meanwhile, Unilever's Get On the Frontline strategy believes that business does not start at the top line or the bottom line, but on the front lines of society and that brands have a significant role to play in tackling many issues facing the planet and society.

Photo courtesy: 123RF

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