Unilever builds a house for Magnum [GALLERY]

Following the launch of Magnum Mini, Magnum has introduced Magnum Mini House of Pleasure in Publika as part of its campaign.

The three month campaign called “Where Any Day Deserves a Magnum Mini Moment” is targeted at 25-35 year old pleasure-seeking women who work hard and allow themselves a little treat at the end of the day.

Herry Budiazhari, marketing director of Unilever Malaysia, said the campaign is aimed at encouraging Malaysians to reward themselves with a personal mini moment.

“We thought what better way to showcase this than to build a Magnum Mini House of Pleasure, much like one’s home - where one can feel free to indulge in little treats spontaneously and without any hesitation.”

Magnum identified that people have various types of personal moments which happen at home such as book lovers, pet lovers, net junkies, gamers, fashionistas and food lovers, among others.

These key moments in the house are rooted in the House of Pleasure to allow them to experience the augmented reality projection of the different Magnum Mini Moments.

Apart from highlighting the House of Pleasure, the campaign is also promoted via TVCs, participation from celebrities appointed as pleasure icons, and on-ground activities such as roadshows at shopping malls starting next week.

The House of Pleasure will be opened from 24 October until 3 November.

The creative for the campaign is managed by G2, public relations by Salina & Associates and media by Mindshare.

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