Got milk? UNICEF encourages breastfeeding friendly environment

The Hong Kong Committee for UNICEF has engaged Kymechow to create a new campaign promoting the acceptance of breastfeeding in public spaces and in the workplace.

People in Hong Kong have been showing a lack of acceptance of mothers breastfeeding outside the home, although there is a general understanding of the health benefits of breastfeeding babies.

The message behind the campaign is, “please be open-minded and show some understanding to mothers who are just trying to do the best for their babies”.

The concept behind the TV commercial and campaign shows mothers trying to breastfeed in awkwardly private spaces – inside a toilet, a photo booth and under a restaurant table, and a mother trying to pump milk in a cramped cupboard at work.

UNICEF Hong Kong wants the public to keep an open mind and not to treat breastfeeding mothers as if they are doing something wrong. Hence, a welcoming environment at work and in public places should be fostered for breastfeeding.

Launched on mass media two days ago, the campaign garnered more than one million views online in the week before it was launched.

Kitty Chan, head of advocacy and public relations at Hong Kong Committee for UNICEF, said: “Many netizens left comments expressing their support for the ‘Say yes to breastfeeding’ campaign. The results are very encouraging.

“We are confident this will encourage more and more people in the workplace and public places to pledge their support to the campaign so Hong Kong will gradually become a breastfeeding-friendly community.”

The TV commercial was produced by Wowwowtank and filmed by director Tan Khiang, with print photography by Steve Wong of One Twenty-three.

The campaign will run on selected TV channels and outdoors sites in Hong Kong.