Uber Eats launched virtual restaurant to promote traditional homemade food

Uber Eats has partnered with Hong Kong's established restaurant chain Gingko House and Geometry Global Hong Kong to offer traditional homemade food for Hong Kongers by creating a virtual restaurant.

Named PoPo’s Kitchen, the restaurant was developed based on the secret family recipes of PoPos - the way we call our grandmothers in Cantonese - including bean curd soup and sweet and sour duck with ginger. Once a customer places an order with PoPo’s Kitchen, the food will be made in the kitchens of Gingko House, and delivered to the doorsteps of Hong Kongers exclusively through Uber Eats. 

“Hong Kongers are hardworking. They usually work late and have to order takeout, and they rarely spend time with family, let alone eating traditional home-cooked food. With Uber Eats’ mission of Right Food Right Now, we partnered with Geometry Hong Kong and Gingko House for this season to turn this into a reality, and launched PoPo’s Kitchen," commented Horace Lam, general manager of Uber Eats Hong Kong. 

Uber Eats and Geometry Hong Kong aims to encourage people to appreciate home food that has been passed down from generations. The teams produced a series of videos featuring PoPos sharing stories behind their dishes, as well as fun and easy how-to cooking videos.

Mauricio Sanaiote, creative director of Geometry Hong Kong, further explained the idea. “PoPo's Kitchen is a beautiful example of how a great brand like Uber Eats can provide a brand experience with value to the society through its platform. It is not just food delivery but is a restaurant of traditional homemade food inspired, curated and managed by the greatest specialists in the subject - PoPos. It’s a taste of home delivered to your home.”