UberEATS launches in Malaysia, banks on digital and PR to promote service

After launching in 27 countries, UberEATS has finally landed in Malaysia.

Beginning 21 September 2017, Malaysians who downloaded the UberEATS smartphone app will be able to purchase and order food listed on the app to be delivered right to their doorsteps.

Asked on how the company plans to promote UberEATS, Leigh Wong, head of communications for Southeast Asia at Uber said the company will first utilise its usual “default” channels such as digital and PR to further create awareness on the new app to the public.

“There’s the initial low hanging fruits of early adopters who are aware of the product and have been waiting for it to be available in Malaysia,” he said.

“We’re a three sided marketplace which covers consumers, restaurants and delivery-partners. So we need to reach out to all three to ensure a balanced marketplace that is optimised for a great experience for every party. But for now, we will keep our standard marketing engines running, via digital and PR,” Wong added.

Beginning in Kuala Lumpur, the service aims to not only connect Malaysians with the food they love, but to also contribute positively to the economy by providing additional earning opportunities and growing the markets for Malaysian restaurants. The company said it has partnered with over 200 restaurant partners available on the UberEATS app.



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