Uber Singapore shares the stories behind places

Uber Singapore has unveiled a film titled “‘Where’ is more than just a place”, taking consumers on a journey to places that hold special memories and future potential for Singapore and its residents.

Conceptualised and produced by BBH and Stink Shanghai, the film will run on Facebook, YouTube and cinemas until the end of November. According to the press statement, this is the first in a series of campaigns by Uber that will explore Singapore and the special meanings places hold, as well as to inspire everyone to discover the city with Uber.

It features two intertwining stories – a mother encouraging her son to fulfil his childhood passion for art, and a retired lieutenant general reuniting with his old comrades. The latter is inspired by the life story of Albel Singh, who was the first to register for national service in March 1967. Both stories converge at Gillman Barracks, which holds a deeper meaning for the past and future of the film’s protagonists.

“We appreciate that every location on the map has a unique meaning in each rider’s life. Wherever they go, there is a reason that prompts them to go there beyond just a physical location. We hope that this film will resonate across Singapore and assure riders that wherever they want to go, Uber will get them there,” Stacy Sy, marketing manager Uber Singapore, said.

“The film gave us room to tell an emotional story and explore the different meanings brought to a place by different people. This is so acutely felt in Singapore, where places are constantly evolving and every street, lane and corner may hold a different memory or signify a new opportunity across generations,” Gaston Soto, creative director, BBH Singapore, said.

Campaign credits:

ECD: Joakim Borgstrom
Creative Directors: Omar Sotomayor & Gaston Soto
Art Director: Ronald Bunaidi
Copywriter: KC Hong
Business Director: David Webster
Account Director: Rebecca Levy
Account Manager: Victoria Fernandez
Producer: Wendi Chong
Marketing Manager: Stacy Sy
Marketing Director: Eshan Ponnadurai
Production house: Stink Shanghai
Director: Tom Green
DOP: Beniot Soler
Colourist: MPC
Offline: James Norris
Online: Kraftwr5kz
Music Composition: Mad Planet
Audio Mixing: Fuse Singapore



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