Uber president resigns due to “differences in beliefs”

Ex-Target CMO and Uber president Jeff Jones is resigning after less than a year, citing differences over “beliefs and approach to leadership,” in a statement to Recode.

Uber said in a statement: “We want to thank Jeff for his six months at the company and wish him all the best.”

The resignation comes at a troubling time for Uber, which has been facing a number of internal and external issues over the past few months.


A #DeleteUber campaing on Twitter caused the company to lose thousands of users after CEO Travis Kalanick joined president Trump’s advisory board, and a spate of sexual harassment incidents from and against both current and former Uber employees have plagued the company over the past few months, prompting the company to hire a former US Attorney General to investigate the situation.

Moreover, the ride-hailing giant is currently in a lawsuit with Alphabet’s self-driving car company Waymo over alleged theft of self-driving technology.

Meanwhile in Asia, Uber has faced troubles in Taiwan, among other countries, due to regulations and has forfeited its China expansion plans, but managed to secure third-party insurance in Hong Kong.

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