U Mobile 'Connects Lives' in latest campaign

U Mobile is "Connecting Lives" in its latest campaign, aimed to further engage with its consumers.

As at early November, U Mobile had released the Connecting Lives promotional YouTube video, inspired by Japanese band Sour's video for the track Hibi no neiro. Thus far, the Connecting Lives video has garnered 177,475 views.

"The music video [by Sour] demonstrated the 'connecting' theme quite well visually," said Jeanette Lee, head of marketing communication and brand commercial division of U Mobile.

Now that the first video has been released, U Mobile is working to produce a second video, with the help of consumers. Users are encouraged to share photos based on selected themes on U Mobile's Facebook page and Instagram.

The pictures will then be edited and featured in the second video.

This two-month long campaign, aimed to position U Mobile as a telco that helps consumers better connect with loved ones through its mobile plans, is also promoted through print, radio and out-of-home advertisements.

"Since we have 260,000 fans on Facebook, we are hoping they will like it enough to participate and share it," said Lee.

Grey is in charge of the creative, while Grey Direct Interactive executed the digital creative idea and Mediacom is the media agency for this campaign.