Twitter renews strategic partnership with Komli

Komli Media has renewed its partnership agreement with Twitter for India until March 2017.

Komli will continue to help Twitter expand its Promoted Products suite of advertising products and emphasise on the company’s monetization efforts. Also, it would be reaching out to the huge Indian mid-market segment, helping them target potential customers on Twitter thus, giving them high life time value per customer and eventual return on investment.

Akshay Mathur, SVP, Komli Media said, “We are delighted to extend our partnership with Twitter, particularly at a time when social media usage in India is exploding and an unprecedented number of brands are investing in Twitter to reach out to their audiences.”

“Through this partnership we are looking forward to delivering again on our commitment to create a long term value for Twitter in this region. This partnership also makes us the only player with a complete digital and mobile marketing portfolio and the partner of choice for marketers operating in this region,” he said.

Komli media, APAC’s media technology brand merged with SVG Media group in September 2015. Komli Media is driving Twitter advertisements campaigns for some of the biggest Indian brands such as Levi’s, Cathay Pacific, Zoomcar and, Swiggy and Adani.

“The partnership will provide additional on-ground support to Twitter’s clients and prospects in India, working in parallel with our direct sales team, to strengthen Twitter’s presence in the market,” Aliza Knox, VP of online sales, Twitter in Asia Pacific and Latin America said.

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